Net Jacobsson

Co-founder & General Partner of SparkLabs Global Ventures. X-Facebook Exec. Mountain biker. Non-conformist. Father of 4.

Net Jacobsson

Co-founder & General Partner of SparkLabs Global Ventures. X-Facebook Exec. Mountain biker. Non-conformist. Father of 4.

Sparklabs first 10 months & 29 investments

SparkLabs Global Ventures: First Ten Months, First 29 Investments from Bernard Moon

Synchro Feelings! Love the talking drums here.

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SparkLabs invests in Petnet


Very excited to announce our 2nd investment in the Internet of Things space. PetNet, a connected pet device company founded by former drone engineers aims to revolutionize the way people care for their pets and modernize the entire pet industry. 

Their first product is a pet feeder with intelligent sensor technology,learning algorithms, and processing power that assesses the dietary requirements of a pet, creating a custom feeding schedule, alert owners when their pet has been fed and even remind owners to purchase more food when they run low. 


Here at SparkLabs Global Ventures we are strong believers in the connected devices and the Internet of Things market and plan to make many more bold investments in this space. 

Our investment in PetNet is also our first investment in a L.A-based company. 

SparkLabs in Economist

Our Accelerator SparkLabs Korea is mentioned in the Economist as one of the top global accelerators. After less than two years in business !

Apolis Middle East Project

Amazing collaboration between an Israeli shoe maker from Tel Aviv, a Palestinian producer from Hebron & the Apolis brand from LA via Skype. . I know many stories like these. Israel is not what you think.

Parko- Sparklabs First Investment in Israel

I’m very excited to announce SparkLabs 5th investment, Parko, also our first Israeli investment. Parko can in a way be described as a Waze for parking. Parko’s innovative algorithms make use of data from up to 9 sensors found in a typical smartphone today to accurately identify parking spots that are about to become available without any active involvement from the user.

By making clever use of this information Parko automatically recognizes when users have parked, when they are returning to their cars and when they have just vacated a parking spot. For any of you that have experiences parking hell,  Parko is a true blessing. Can’t wait to start working with Tomer, Andrea and the rest of the Parko team to free you from parking hell!

Proud investors in The Orange Chef

I am very excited to announce our investment along with Google Ventures in The Orange Chef. This is our 3rd investment in just a week. Yes, I told you we move fast! The Orange Chef is on a mission to connect ordinary kitchen gadgets to the Internet. The Orange Chef has created the Prep Pad, the smart food scale that gives you real-time nutritional insight into your food so you can understand what you eat and make better decisions. 

This is our first investment in a connected device or “the Internet of Things”, but certainly not the last one, a space we feel very passionate about. You can pre-order your Prep Pad here

Our panel at LeWeb 2013 “The Next 10 Years from the Startup Nation Perspective. Awesome demos by StoreDot & Umoove


SparkLabs First Investments

I’m very excited to announce our two first investments LawPal and MemeBox! True to our global mission, they both come from two very different places, LawPal is based in Palo Alto and MemeBox in Seoul. 

Why are we excited about them? LawPal believes that access to legal services is not just access to a document - it’s access to a lawyer. LawPal is building tools that help lawyers deliver legal services in a less costly and more client-friendly way.

For years, lawyers have been doing routine work for which they are overqualified and consequently have been overcharging for, therefore, LawPal is building tools that challenge and change traditional, inefficient ways of working. You don’t need to give up working with a lawyer, just give up working like it’s 1983 and go where the puck will be. 

If you are a lawyer or a law firm, sign up now! You have nothing to loose only to win. If you are a startup, why pay 40-60% more for legal services than you need to? 

Memebox is Korea’s first beauty product subscription service and is an alumni of our first accelerator class. Memebox is also a testament of high-quality startups coming out of Korea and going global,  already eyeing the US market. 

These are only the first two companies and there are many more on the way!

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SparkLabs Global Coverage

Since we’ve launched Sparklabs Global Ventures two weeks ago, we’ve got some really good coverage welcoming our global approach. Here’s some: 

"US, European and Asian entrepreneurs: SparkLabs launched a $30m seed-stage fund just for you"  TheNextWeb

"SparkLabs Launches $30M Global Seed-Stage Fund With Ex-Facebooker Net Jacobsson And Former Horizons VC Frank Meehan" TechCrunch

"Corporate armistice:  Can South Korea’s big and small companies thrive together?" The Economist

Introducing SparkLabs Global Ventures

After many years of thinking and a couple of months of planning, I am very excited to announce that we have launched SparkLabs Global Ventures, a global seed stage fund. Together with my founding partners Frank Meehan (formerly Horizon Ventures: BoD Siri, Spotify and Summly, Bernard Moon (SparkLabs Accelerator Korea) Jimmy Kim (ex Nexon CFO) Hanjoo Lee (SparkLabs Accelerator Korea & co-founder of Hostway) and Jay Mccarthy (Pacific Advisors) we are going to invest and help our entrepreneurs to develop, grow, network, scale into other markets throughout the world.Bernard, Frank and myself will be the primary operating partners.

We believe that while business now is truly global most investors are not. We are a truly global team based out of Palo Alto, London, Tel Aviv, Seoul and Singapore. We are all experienced operators, entrepreneurs and angel investors who have been in the trenches and knows what it means to be an entrepreneur and what it takes to built a company. In fact, we are still really entrepreneurs since SparkLabs Global Ventures is a startup.

Our investment thesis is that the future is data. We are looking for companies that are:

We will be investing in areas like wearable computing, mobile, gaming, big data, education, wellness, financial services, analytics and social commerce. Regions of particular interest are: US (Silicon Valley, New York & LA) Israel, Europe (Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki, London & Eastern Europe) Asia (Seoul, China, Singapore).

There you have it. The genie is out of the bottle. Great success!