TAP Coin™ (via the Hooch™ app): plans to disrupt the current paradigm with the power of the blockchain. Instead of getting zero to minimal rewards, why shouldn’t you be rewarded every time you go out ? by giving you the power to decide whether you want to opt in to sharing your aggregated purchase data (you are not able to be personally identified), you can earn lucrative rewards (via TAP tokens). This means free drinks and other rewards up to 31 days each month. You are not limited to one credit card. EVERYTIME you go out to your favorite venue you can get rewarded!
Hooch™ is a revolutionary new company that came into being in 2015 through 7.5 million dollars of venture capital from investors such as Warner Music Group CEO Steve Cooper, Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White, prominent economist Nouriel Roubini, and other prominent investors. Despite being a fairly new company, we already have over 200,000 subscribers to our service. We expect to do better with our venture into blockchain because we receive advisement from some of the most accomplished industry veterans such as Bonin Bough (global director of PepsiCo™) and Bill Tai, who is a visionary venture capitalist, who backed successful blockchain ventures such as Power Ledger, Bitfury, and Airswap. Most importantly, Hooch™ has forged partnerships and has current support from some of the biggest players in the alcohol and beverage industry. Partnerships include TAO Group and One Group, which are two of the biggest players in the restaurant and nightlife industry.
We also have the support of the largest alcohol distributor in the United States. From blockchain experts to hospitality gurus, Hooch™ has all the needed expertise and assistance to be one of the biggest providers in our new industry.
With over 100,000 premium restaurants and hotels to choose from, there is always something to suit your tastes. Our vision is for someone to pull up the Hooch™ app anywhere in the world and get the benefits of being a member. Whether your partying in the Hawaiian islands, or you are touring the sites of Copenhagen, Denmark.
I am an early investor and advisor to Hooch.
TAP Network
TAP network -- the first Decentralized Advertising Network that rewards consumers for everyday purchases in the “EXPERIENCE ECONOMY” and connects approved brands to millions of consumers 1-on-1,  powered by actionable data permissioned and encrypted with blockchain technology.
User Base: private beta testing includes 200,000 existing users, targeting full network rollout with up to 50M users across dozens of existing top consumer apps
Massive Network: Over 100,000+ top hotels, restaurants and bars are already in the TAP network as partners for rewards earning and redemption, targeting 500,000 partners in the first 12-18 months after full network launch
Major Brand Advertisers: Existing advertisers include Bacardi, Paramount and many other top hospitality and consumer product brands
I am an early investor and advisor to TAP Network. 
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